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Lecture 10

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2040
D Rose

Labour and new social movements: A comparative overview • Labour movement: -labour unions -labour based political parties -contrast country and time period -gender • New social movements/contemporary social change movements • Solidarity forever – Leonard Cohen Vietnam protest 1970 • Unions in Canada and the US • Overview with emphasis on Canadian labour history - Timeline of union events • The Toronto typographical union strike and the trade unions act 1872 • Royal commission on the relations of labour and capital 1889 • Federal department of labour established 1900 • Workmen’s compensation act ON 1914  very important • The Winnipeg general strike 1919 • Wartime labour relations regulations, order in council PC 10003 – WW2 1944 • Federal public service staff relations act 1967 • Common front Quebec 1972 Day of Protest 1967 • A year after the federal government introduces wage and price control legislation, the Canadian labour congress sponsors a national day of protest to mark the anniversary Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on Bill- 29 2007 • Rules that the BC government violated the charter rights when it introduced legislation that would unfairly affect its unionized health care and social services employees • The provincial legislation would have taken away a number of protections provided for by previous collective agreements Canada – early 20 century • Prosperity, growth and optimism • Canada 1902 – 2 national railways • Even though there was prosperity and optimism there was still a lot of impoverished people and those living in poverty • Workers are at the mercy of their employers but also of the societal and economic changes • Industrial expansion -growth of agriculture similar to factory work -Fordist ideologies about having the most profit • Immigration -there were preferred countries which were the colonial powers, also included south Africa (white Africa) -wealthier people can find loopholes in order to bring in more immigrants to work for low pay, this means there is even more competition for jobs within a country • Capital investment -government was more interested in expanding Canada within the global market rather than the workforce and the rights of its citizens • BUT wages not keeping up with inflation: longer workweeks, little to no job security, unions few and weak, government not eager to provide protection for workers Union Activity • Trades and labour congress -Reduced work hours from 11 to 9 (later went down to 8hrs) • Those involved in these strikes were charged with criminal conspiracy because participation in strikes was illegal • Knights of labour -international union, skilled and unskilled labour -Wablies: industrial workers of the world • American federation of l
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