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Lecture 2

SOAN 2040 Week 2 Sept 15 LEcture

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2040

Week 2 Sept 15 Thurs SOAN 2040 Globalization Work and Organization RealityHowever the data on the worldwide poverty and unemployment make it difficult to maintain that a more global economy had anything to benefit the majority of the people in the worldInstead it has made them less able to care for themselves and more dependent on economic forces over which they have no controlNeither in the poor nor the rich countries has globalization created a large class of skilled workers who anticipate years of high pay Capitalism and InequalityMost historians believed that capitalism organized in what is today Western Europe Yates Four general comments about the transition from Feudalism to Capitalism 1 Feudal manors were transformed into private property which could be sold without any social obligations 2 A new landless class was created which became the working class who had to sell their labour power to the owners of the new private property in order to make a living 3 The above was possible thanks toa The use of direct massive force and violence against the serfs b The creation of governments in order to protect private property 4 Capitalist economies were the beginning expansionary a From England Holland France and the other early capitalist nations c
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