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Lecture 3

SOAN 2040 Week 3 Sept 20 Lecture

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2040

WEEK 3 Sept 20 Tues SOAN 2040 Globalization Work and Organization The Transformation of Work and Alienation What is WorkRecent concept in human history 200 years agoIn England before this time work referred to activities directed at satisfying the human need for survival mainly at the subsistence levelOur present conception of work is o Social construction o Product of specific historical conditions o Normally known as industrial capitalismMeaning of industrial capitalism o Industrial work as productive activity involving machines powered by inanimate energy sources Activity that is done outside the homeIn a dedicated building that one has to travel to each day o Capitalism work involves monetary payment that is typically agreed in advance in relation to time and outputwork is a part of a market system in which y 1 productive property is privately owned y 2 the purpose is to make a profit y 3 everything has a price including labourUsually based on profit doesnt really con
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