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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

October 1, 2012 – SOAN 2111/2 Hobbes (Compared to Rosseau) 1588 – 1679 Hobbes - without a strong ruler human society is big and monstrous Rosseau - find a social order whose laws were in greatest harmony with the fundamental laws of nature Rosseau Hobbes - thinker of the enlightenment - The Leviathan – strong beast-like - interested in how society works – whale – without a strong ruler, has the advancement of human society is going to be in civilization corrupted us or chaos - We need a strong ruler, improved us (made us more the king, to keep us in line, to moral) keep us in check - Natural man is peaceful – we are - We need to be loyal to this ruler naturally peaceful - Man’s basic - Hobbes is pessimistic psych. nature – hypothetical - Rejected feudalism – the fact we construct – our internal natural have rights and external nature – satisfaction - Natural man is “warlike” – every of needs –mate, food, rest man against man – all against all - War is a social institution – we - Social man is peaceful learned to attack once we are - We desire power – we are all social power-hungry - Man makes war a member of an - Condition of equality among men organized community – his own often gave rise to condition of community against another “he hope in that they would get more becomes a warrior only after he - We desire things we can’t have becomes a citizen” - Struggle  war  scarcity - Conditions that make society and - War for Hobbes refers to “the will eventual warlike state: division of to contend” and fighting labour, social inequality, - Men live in fear – not very cultivation of plants, pleasant domestication of animals, class - Life of man is “solitary, poor, and wealth status emerge nasty, brutish and short” - Some people pass the wealth on - What makes society possible is to children – wealth want to due to “common power to fear” maintain property – gov’t wants - When no common power of fear to protect the rich exists, we result in war – fear - Man learns to act against one falling back in that state another, to attack - Mean form social contract and - Tranquility and peace reigned in subordinate themselves to a the natural society sovereign authority guaranteeing - In the state of nature, we are them protection from forcer and innocent – we have compassion fraud – they subordinate and can sympathize – gives rise to themsel
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