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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

September 19, 2012 – SOC2111 Critical Evaluation of Critical Theory - scientific sociologists claim that critical sociology is political and gives up any claim to objectivity – either calls or does not call for change - technology example – the creation of markets for expansion of the worldwide web - greater resources of some – powerful can exploit the less powerful - technology can free us or enslave us – natural disasters (conflict theory), hurricane Katrina – all of the people displaced, not much money given – richer countries can take care of people Theoretical (methodological) Frameworks Related to Theoretical Paradigm - the scientific approach linked to structural-functional paradigm - the interpretive approach linked to the symbolic-interaction paradigm - critical linked to social conflict paradigm ****PRINT OFF THE THREE METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHES CHART (course notes…….)*** Conflict Tradition - developed theories of capitalism, social stratification, political conflict - focus on the disharmonious component of society - social class, race, ethnicity, sex and age are linked is unequal distribution of money, power, education and social prestige - process of domination when there is no conflict actually taking place – domination is building up to it – trying to gain their interest of overs - dominate and subordinate interest groups Feminism - micro level – interaction o more face to face o interactions b/w individuals –gender differentiate in terms of how they communicate - macro level – constraints within the institutional realms such as politics, economics, schooling, religion, the family o examining large social structures o examine constraints like economics, etc. o documented the fact there is patriarchy of societies which characterizes all rounds of life - feminist theory o presents extensive system of ideas about social life and human experiences as they are understood from women o see the world from point of a women o inequality of genders o women’s liberation movement – separate activist movement – 1960s or 70s – feminists and women and some men joined to share common gender – second wave of feminism – (first wave after second WW )– organizations, proposals for social change – attempt to help with
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