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Sociology and Anthropology
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September 24, 2012 Hobbes (compared to Rousseau), LOCKE AND ASTELL Historical Background Around the Time of Hobbies: Renaissance to Baroque th - 17 century philosophers o rationalism o empiricism  people tended to think the whole world worked by magic - Rationalism – sees knowledge existing independently of physical reality - Empiricism – sees knowledge based on observable, physical reality - During and after the 17 century empiricists Francis Bacon and John Locke were rejecting the old magical ideas and arguing that physical reality works according to mechanical principles o Believed that they could figure out what these principles were, by studying things empirically A few notes on the Middle ages - in monasteries, the copying of old manuscripts by hand o studied by many medieval scholars - the Church’s authority was supreme o faith ruled but their was a time when there was introduction to philosopher’s ideas o those who did not believe in the Church strongly and had other beliefs were a threat o the philosophers began to become incorporated into the church
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