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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

LECTURE 17: MOZART & INDUSTRIAL WORKERS Friday, November 2, 12 MOZART: Marriage of Figaro (1786 – satire on politics of the time) FILM: MOZART  Maid brings a worker of the emperor into Mozart’s apartment  He asks her where Mozart works – he goes to the room and observes his study, where he see’s that Mozart is starting a new Italian opera (starting with Figaro – which is band by the emperor)  Once the emperor finds out what Mozart’s doing, he confronts Mozart about how he’s making an opera that starts with Figaro  Mozart argues in saying it’s just a comedy and is a piece about love, and continues in stating that it’s new, and that people will go mad for it - The opera involves 20 minutes of music and 20 people talking/singing at the same time in harmony  The emperor believes that the play causes an uproar in society, and provides struggle against classes – saying that Mozart should write about something different, and write about something more legendary that is eternal and will live on  The emperor believes that Mozart is passionate, but not enough to persuade him  Mozart asks if he can tell him about the beginning of the play to persuade him - Involves a servant on their knees measuring the floor to see if a bed will fit  The emperor also forbids the ballet in the opera – Mozart stated it as a dance, and not ballet - Because of this, the director tore out a section of Mozart’s music, saying he has to rewrite the opera, although Mozart thinks it’s perfect and that he shouldn’t have to write it  The emperor never attends rehearsals of operas, but decided to attend one of Mozart’s rehearsals (of the third act), where the emperor saw the modern dancing in place of the ballet which he didn’t like,
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