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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

November 5, 2012 Midterm - The midterm is out of 30 marks – 15% of your final grade - Section I o Multiple choice o 10 questions o answer in the exam booklet - Section II o Medium length answer o Answer two out of four following questions in the exam booklet o Each question is worth 10 marks for a total of 20 marks o Each answer should be approximately a page - ...... missed the rest LOL II. Adam Smith (1723-1790) Introduction and Works - struggling around concepts of labour and how much people should be paid – how do we decide on how much something is work and how much money we should make in a particular role we involve ourselves in – understanding of capitalism is relevant to that time period only – wrote in this pre-capitalist era – Marx talks to the ghost of Adam Smith - machine model of society - theory of functionalism - economic writing - The Wealth of Nations (1776) (900 pages) o “Trust the market”, “long live the free market”, “individual people acting out of their own selfish interests will together produce Adam Smith’s famous “invisible hand – the hand of the Free Market that makes all for the best in the long run…” o market is the ruler of human existence – invisible hand – hand of the free market o taken him 12 years of contemplation, 12 years of writing, 3 years of revisions, etc. - he was in close touch with Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire, and most of the practical philosophers - established the machine model of society and applied it to society as a whole - first thinker to talk about functionalism (even before Durkheim) - “Economic freedom is the obvious and simple system of natural liberty” - unintended consequences of allowing everyone free economic reign would be the greater welfare of all even though the intended result was the accumulation of oneself - The Wealth of Nations o The division of labour – Karl Marx’s major source of labour and labour value o He influenced functionalist theorists and Marxist theorists - The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) o Why some conduct is considered moral and why other conduct is not o Smith was interested in what was moral and what was not moral o We experience other people’s actions – how can people imagine themselves in the position of others? See yourself from the outside? – take the role of the other o Sympathy, empathy and morality and one’s own self interest (Adam Smith Concerns)– how we feel the injustices to other people – how we come to hate oppression that’s suffered by ourselves or another o At the thought of his situation o Propriety, prudence, and benevolence  Propriety: Virtue is the proper gov’t and direction of all of their affections – you have the right to things  Prudence: virtue is the pursuit of your own private interests  Benevolence: kindness, goodness for others – virtue lies in exercise of making others happy - Invisible hand distributes good equally - Does the End justify the means? (film) (falls into the work of Macaulay and Smith) o Dam being built in Malaysia – 30 villages evacuated – many acres of
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