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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

November 19 , 2012 – SOAN 2111 The French Revolution – FILM - idea you could change human nature itself through political action - most important event in Western history - revolution that upset things the most – rid of Catholic church, nobility, the king, Christianity o would bring bread to poor, democracy to France and a whole new order to society – but progress would come with a price - Robespierre o He was called the interruptible o The entire city of in fear o His words were his weapon o Silenced by bullet to a jaw - Chateau Versaille th o King Louis the 14  Transplanted the capital of France, 12 miles west of Paris – Versailles  Louis the 15 – married at age 15 – ready to be persuaded by the last person he talked to – bad leadership qualities  Girl he married was 14 years old – Marie Antoinette – duchess of Austria  Austria and France become allies rather than enemies  Marie Antoinette o Teenager when came to Versailles o Likes being attractive to people o Comes with intention to win over husband and wedding  Couple is revealed in the marriage bed  Louis was not interested in loving on their first night of marriage or any others – no interest in sex - Four years after royal wedding, Louis the 15 grandfather dies – Louis the 16 is now King – 20 year old king – ‘protect us lord for we reign too young’ - The Age of Enlightenment is also happening… - The idea that you could map out all of human knowledge and then have access to it was revolutionary o Voltaire, Rousseau - passion for new literature is highest among the upper class - why are aristocrats the one with privilege? Isn’t progress possible? Hierarchy, aristocracy and democracy is natural - young king Louis wants revenge for his grandfathers losses (defeats) - America bankrupts France in order to fight the American War of Independence (??) - Marie is busy incurring debts of her own too o Dressing, dining, retiring to bed o Outrageous fashions – obsessed with it – towering hairdos o She occupies herself with court gossip, gambling and the staging of plays o She earns the name Madame Deficit – the country is in economic chaos and she continues to spend as if there is nothing happening - 7 years of marriage – Marie and Louis have yet to produce a child o her job to produce a male o people are dissatisfied o Marie is desperate o Louis’ appetite for food is unquestioned but his appetite for sex does not exist o Louis is diagnosed with fimosis(??) - made his arousal extremely painful – he was scared to death to have it – took years for him to agree – after simple surgery – they had first child - Robespierre o
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