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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

March 6, 2013 – SOC 2111/2 LECTURE ***** PAPER EXTENDED TO MARCH 22 (FRIDAY)!!! WOOHOOO!  ***** continued from Weber (last class….) CLASS, STATUS AND PARTY - class, status groups ad political parties are phenomena of the distribution of power - Class – Weber defines when (1) a member of people have in common a specific casual component of their life-chances insofar as (2) this component is represented exclusively by economic interests in the possession of goods and opportunities for income, and 2) is represented under the conditions of the commodity of labour markets - Weber classified people based on their consumption patterns rather then their place in the market or in the process of production - Weber defines status by every typical component of the life of men that is determined by a specific positive or negative social estimation of honor - Status is related to lifestyle - Status relates to consumption of goods produced, while class relates to economic production - There is prestige and honor and class that contributes to society and life - Prestige is associated with the style of life of a status group - Political positions in community, education are evaluated in terms of social characteristics – people who have high education and who are not in high administration of the university, are driving cabs and other things. (???) - Weber thinks its important to look at status and party as well as class to understand people’s lifestyles and life - The economically ascend class required high status - Property and property less people may belong to same status group - Every society is divided into groups and strata just as it is divided into classes economically - Status group – a membership category - People can rank high on one or two categories, but could also rank high on one and low on another - A more sophisticated analysis of social structure and stratification than when stratification is reduced to variations in one;s economic situation - Party – can be found in the poltical order – to Weber, parties are always structures struggling for domination’ o Those that exist in the state or a social club - Power – the ability reo realize one’s will despite and against the resistance of others o Concentration of power was no confined only to the economic sphere o Weber elaborates on Marx’s theory arguing that control of means of political administration, violence, scientific research etc. are also major means of dominating men o Who controls scientific research says a lot about power o Who controls the money granted for research, and what projects will get funded – these people have power - Weber argued that Marx’s theory is only one part of the social process (?) March 6, 2013 – SOC 2111/2 LECTURE - Marx’s concentration on the economic means of production - The process of rationalization determines everything - Does class limit social mobility? Marx and Weber’s ideas - Marx – class is most significant factor - Others argue class is only one of the factors – including Weber - To summarize: o Class status and theory Weber deals with – deals with In terms of political relationships and economic class o Offers an alternative to Marx’s view (economic production) o Marx claims ruling class always controls economic and political power o The owner of means of production are the dominant class but they somehow indirectly or directly control those who do run for office (even though they themselves may not be the ones running for office) o Example wealthy criminals do not have high social status o People who run for office who are rich or have high social status doesn’t mean they will win elections o POWER, DOMINATION, AUTHORITY - ideal typifications – charismatic, traditional and legal-rational o charismatic authority figure - after WWI Weber was interes
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