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Lecture 9

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

Movie Clip everyone shouting for her to be killed witchery, how many men did you sleep with confesses shed rather be have freedom being single then an obediant wife if she;s a witch so is every women in venace Arrests senator because he stood up for her a sense of relativism protestant reformation- 1517 martin luther, condemning abusers of the church and sparked a popular revolt new christian religion- protestants. It is characterised by an austerity of taste, individual believer to god personally. Not beign part of the catholic church in the sense of the hiarchy. Luther wanted to return christianity to the bible, not the pwer of the church. focused on the relationship of the individual believer to God baroque period about ornamentation to express success Architecture 1550-1700: flamboyant art style music 1600-1750 : the mechanicals of music, left hand and right hand are balanced. Its precision . designed for the glory of God . Celebrate catholic revival baroque stype expresses spirit of the counterreformation Around 1600; 1625, the catholic church had survived the rise of protestanism- now in the midst of an expansion. The catholic church revived itself The roman Catholic Revival- (historians called this revival the counter reformation). Was given added purpose and vigour by a remarkable group of artistic visionaries this
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