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Lecture 11

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

SOAN 2111 – LECTURE #11 – OCTOBER 2ND, 2013 John Locke: (1632 – 1704) – British Empiricism = LIFE AND IDEAS (Continued) Method – “historical” • “Your mind was a blank” – tabula rasa • experience and observation are like the chalk that writes knowledge on your blank slate • Revised the older Aristotelian idea • We know of things only because our perceptions produce sensations of things from which we form ideas • what we know is limited to our experience • The world that human beings experience through their senses provides a reflection of their reality • The brain isn’t a repository for our sense experiences – Our knowledge doesn’t automatically come to us, it comes to us from knowledge o Instead of innate ideas, everything is through experiences • “Our ignorance is far greater than our knowledge” Video Clip [documentary]: - What Locke is talking about in regards to experience (it all relates to Locke) - “Made the world responsible for teaching us” - All knowledge from the world should come through people’s senses - Forget pure reason for the root of knowledge - How do we know an apple is an apple? o From taste, touch, smell and sight - Simple ideas: raw material – the mind can play with these simple ideas - Locke distances the mind from the external world - Barclay was threatened by Locke because his thoughts challenged religion - Hume thought that Newton had given great science of the physical world, and Hume’s great idea was to do what Newton had done to the scientific world, to the human world Lock (e) out Divine Right • In place of the divine rights of kings Locke proposed a government based on reason and natural rights o Getting into Locke’s social contract o Natural rights not formed by government Back to Nature • for Locke, nature is a much nicer place than it is for Hobbes • people h
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