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Lecture 12

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

SOAN 2111 LECTURE – OCTOBER 4TH Locke (continued) My work – My stuff - Connection between labour and the right of ownership helped promote capitalism - The preservation of property - Feudalism violated people’s natural right to own property Locke’s Social Contract - Because everyone has natural rights, government should be a matter of mutual consent among everyone involved = a social contract - Denied oppression that there’s any obligation to obey - Monarchy is not above the social contract - People had a right to rebel but not a right to revolution = change the personal who occupied the person in place of authority - Rulers job is to protect property – so people can replace him but not change the system - The poor do not share in Locke’s democratic rights o Neither do women Hobbes Key Points: - Natural man is cruel like - Mutual interest in the chaos in our minds - Everyone needs to submit a common interest Locke Key Points: - People are born free and equal - Society can be plunged into a state of war: so we need to establish a mutual social contract - Property – what we work for o If we take too much, were greedy and we need to give things we take for granted to people who may need it Rousseau Key
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