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Lecture 15

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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2111
Linda Hunter

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SOAN 21111Lecture #15 Period of MaryAstell Video: The Burning Times – Witch burning in Europe - Politics of gender - Period of moving away from magical belief more into scientific reasoning - Englightment thinkers, even when skeptical (like Hobbes), thought that prosecution was key because it created social control - A virgin couldn’t be a witch – same with pregnant woman - Women who were against feudal power = women who swore, posing a challenge or threat to the church would be considered to be a witch. o Women who had sex without being married - Mary was understood as a goddess figure o People were dedicated to Mary - Mary was politically active - Two kinds of religion o Catholic religion o Religion of the Goddess (spirits) - 15 century: the old order was changing o Women had be physicians of people – they understood the anatomy of people o Priests fumed as the women would receive honour at being ‘healers’ or ‘counsellors’ - Testimony and jealousy of male doctors in regards to female doctors that sent many women to their deaths - Witch burnings were a way of taking control of women’s powers (reproduction, sexuality, mid-wifery, contraception, abortion) - “Women is the cause of the fall” - Guilt & Sin were now a part of every Christians life o Women was the obstacle of every man’s holiness - Some would argue that women were more immune to diseases like the plague o Women begin to outlive men  Being old too was suspicious
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