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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

February 06, 2013 – SOC 2111/2 ***MISSED A MONDAY FILM, NEED TO GET NOTES *** - Capitalism o labour as chief commodity  free labourers (sellers of their own labourers)  each worker is forced to engage in a simple operation  when each worker was forced to engage in a simple operation, they are alienated from creativity  the organization will gain in efficiency and the worker loses in creativity  worker (factory) now takes less time in performing a specialization  craftsman who performs entire series of operation to create something (not factory)  individual worker plays big price for increased productivity – no creativity  lifelong specialty of using one tool now becomes the specialty of using one machine  division of labour enslaves the worker and class divisions result **VISUAL – picture of spindle with little feet and a man with a hat – and it says “labour too appears as a thing, a commodity which the labourer sells to the capitalist in a supposedly free exchange* o owners o materialism o alienation - Material Production Consists of 3 Components: o Conditions of production o Forces of production o Relations of production - Revolt o Caused by alienation and degradation o Organization of proletariat - Socialism o Classless o No private property  Private property would be abolished and so would division of labour – people would become closely related, back to nature and their social environments - environment that is less divisive o Reunion, individual and nature o As the instruments of production vary, so does the division of labour - Labour – is a creator of use value – a necessary condition, independent of all forms of society, for the existence of the human race February 06, 2013 – SOC 2111/2 o Rich hire the working class, working class produce, the rich sell what is produced, use that money to buy more people from working class, and so on. o In the new system, people will take pride in their work – this does not happen in capitalism – their work is always for someone else – they are not happy o Work, activity and creativity – implies a full expression of human potential o Labour in capitalist society takes on for Marx a very distinct form – labour is an expression of human capabilities o Private ownership – means of production o Private property – the product - Private property – private ownership by the capitalists of the means of production o Instead of controlling private property, they are controlled by it. o Marx says they have to overthrow private property if they want to see their true human potential - Alienation o Hagel o Rousseau’s second discourse o History of human kind is all about control and the notion of classes struggling for power – also about this concept of alienation = this is how Marx saw alienation - “Control of man over nature” – “alienation of man” o Marx’s theory is about the loss of human power in society o Today it is a distinguishing feature of human history and communism
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