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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

January 25, 2013 – SOAN 2111/2 – L. HUNTER Harriet Taylor (1807) AND John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) Background - Taylor’s and Mill’s were Unitarians = politically liberal o Both sympathetic to many causes o Emphasize freedom and tolerance and religious belief, and the economy of congregations - Harriet Taylor was married and had children, and was perplexed by many philosophical questions and her husband could not discuss them with me - Still married to Taylor – how to think, not what to think but how - Socrete’s gave us a method by which to dvelop a very clear thinking mind o Mill said we need to have more ways of thinking - Taylor influences Mill on The Subjection of Women o and providing the leading ideas of Mill on the great idea of liberty - Mll and Taylor also very mnuch interested in the freedom of women and the liberty for all - How to free many without suppressing few was the question of Mill and Taylor’s academic union - Her first husband died (taylor’s) - Mill and Taylor – Mill died enroute to their honeymoon of congestion - Mill – parliament in 1867 trying to get women to vote – spoke about violence against women and rights for women o Taylor was more the radical analysis in the articles the two wrote together - Mill claimed teat Harriet was the sole author of Dissertations and Discussions and the joint author of Principles of Political Economy and On Liberty - Her husband Mr. Taylor (the one who died) for bayed her to be recognized as an author because that just wasn’t done - Mill dedicated a whole thing to Harriet Taylor which made Mr. Taylor upset when he was alive METHODOLOGY - Mill and Taylor took great pains and on liberty to use inclusive language (not mankind, not using the word ‘he’) - Mill realized that most men could not even imagine living with an ‘equal’ - Taylor was a main source of Mill’s own feminism - In the tradition of Locke- Mill said our ideas have nothing but our past experience put into them - Prediction would be less exact in the moral than the physical - Historical explanation subject to general laws – interested in laws, stats, the effect of a given cause - Interested in laws to determine effect of a given cause such as the abolition of the monarchy, or the introduction of universal suffrage - A system argues that people were shaped by external conditions, but also influenced them – people shaped by external conditions of society but January 25, 2013 – SOAN 2111/2 – L. HUNTER shaped by what influences these external conditions – we mold and shape the circumstanc
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