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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

JANUARY 28, 2013 – SOC 2111/2 – L. HUNTER Marx and Engels Marx (1818-1883) & Engels (1820-1895) - Introduction to Marx o Different ideas about freedom then Mill o Picked up on Hegel’s idea of history  While Hegel was thinking about intellectual freedom, Marx was thinking about political and economic freedom o 1843 – Marx married his sweetheart – dismay to her family – he was poor o in Paris, Marx encountered craftsman and arts people  he wrote early works in Paris – The Poverty of Philosophy (1847)  The Condition of the Working Class in England (1844 with Engels)  The Holy family (1845)  The German Ideology (1846)  Etc. o Marx was expelled from Paris in 1845 – antiroyalist o League of the Just was a real revolutionary organization and Marx was a member – he was very interested in pursing all radical demonstrations and movements with this league o Was a member and basically became a professional revolutionary o German Workers’ Educational Association – London – he was afilitiated with a group called the communist league o Communist Manifesto – Marx and Engels wrote this  Opens with “a specter of communism is haunting Europe” o Embarked for London in 1849 (France gov’t told him he could retire or leave) o Das Kapital wrote in British Museum – poured over this blue books o Three of his children died of malnutrition or lack of proper care o Foreign editor of “New York Daily Tribune” for European affairs – ill health plagued him though o Engels began to take over some of his writings o The First International – a powerful m
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