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Lecture 10

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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

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Alienation  Stemmed from rousseau - he’s among the early sources of alienation  History of mankind – humankind o Increasing history of alienation  Everything was marked by alienation  Loss of human power in society  Social organization alienates us  Alienation of the worker – alienated from object, process, yourself and others  Losing sense of being a human being  History ends with communism – capitalism will stretch alienation to limits and will result in revoltion  Labour exists independently – outside of him  When theres nothing of yourself in the work – you are alienated from the process  Alienation from own human potential  People aren’t able to work cooperatively o Side by side o Technology The Work  Classes who clash with opposing issues  Exploiters and exploited  Confrontation of power that is brought about in work place  Central determinance  Centers on relationship b/w men and how this shapes the means of production  What is potential  actuality – a class in itself can be a class for itself  When in a common struggle – common situation – network and conscious of common fate o Articulate common interest  Petite bourgoise – famers, doctors – small scale enterprise – may buy the work of the proletariat  Working class – refuse or are unable to sell their power (illegal, homeless)  Bourgoise unable to develop calss consciousness o Inherent competitiveness will destruct capitalism  Working class is able to rise up an
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