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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Lecture - march 28, 2011 The Chicago School – exciting time in sociology – symbolic interactionism Albion small  Centre of sociology  Ethnographic studies  Robert park – built university of Chicago o Competition o Conflict o Assimilation – common culture o Conflict rose over status City of urbanization and socialization – research of sociological science Fifth – central to north American experience Sixth – suitable for observing Seventh  Feel community, feel person – better investigation  Study of gangs and street culture – very popular Decline of the Chicago School  Peak in 1920 – then decline  Increasing preoccupation…discipline of sociology became more scientific, instead of ethnographic – definition of situations  American journal of sociology o Indiviudals outside Chicago resentful – so started other networks o 1950’s became important force again  life history data o explodes with possibilities of future research/variables o investigate way of life without knowing person o put yourself in place of actor Note  symbolic interactionism came out of Chicago school  Chicago school didn’t look at conventional data or conventional autobiographies o Life history data – not fictio
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