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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

th March 8 , 2013 SOAN 2112 Lecture Somehow …this lecture relates to Weber: - Music played: Rights of Spring - Stravinsky - Machinery music o Preciseness o Rationality o Without soul o Music that expresses time Sander August – Peasant on his Way to a Funeral, Westerwald – 1925 Another Sander August: The art in the Romantic period was different than what we see above: - A newly intense self awareness happened at the end of the period - Emotion over reason - Emotion was part of the romantic philosophy - Reason had been a part of the enlightenment - In the German expressionist period, art became about motion and movement precision speed etc. Romanticism: - The art was about the human soul Romantics glorified subjective awareness - Imagination - Oak tree and monastery and moonlight sonata – an image and song she showed but I missed - reflected romantic period - Conjuncture between natural and spiritual - Disillusioned with orthodox religion, many became interested in art as spiritual expression - Dramatic presentation of feeling and emotion There was a turn away from the subjective and toward expression and politics Turn away from sensuous beauty of the romantic period and into avante garde angular stern precise art of 1920s - This avant gard art happened after WWI - There was a widespread feeling that we as human beings had surrendered our souls to forces we no longer understood - The machine in society became a sy
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