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SOAN*2112 Classical Theory Lecture Note

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Friday January 13 2011 Roots miniseriesth 25librarian visitComte wanted to create naturalistic science of societyexplain past development of human kind and predict its future laws of motion and social stability dynamic and static attempted to formulate conditions for them must be studied in the same way that the world of nature is examined even though there are complexitiesSociology would replace the anarchy of postrevolutionary class disputes by finding natural laws of social order and change movie looks at this anarchy Scientific theory of society has to be based on observed facts need guidance of theory to do this Established social physics that became sociology Must know the laws that govern the natural world from science comes prevision from prevision comes action Prevision will facilitiate social control a primary aim of his positive deviance To predict in order to control Hoped to restablish a new moral order relates to interest in stages of society based on social chaos he saw arond him Methodologieso Observationneed theory o Experimentationcant experiment on humans need pathological cases with indirect experimentationo Study of the pathologicalto understand the normal o Comparisondiff stag
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