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SOAN*2112 Classical Theory Lecture Note

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Mon Jan 2312Harriet Taylor and John Stuart Mill Taylors influence on Mills thoughts was fantasticHer rational element in Mills thought was strengthened by her influenceBoth were Unitarians Very sympathetic to many causesautonomy of congregation membersWent to her minister and said she was perplexed so many phiolosphical questions very brilliant Wasnt able to talk about it with Mr Taylor Met Mill hit it off Both utilitarian Unitarian Mill wrote about the ancient Greeks Socrates laid down the rulesno dogma Gave us a method to develop a clear thinking mind Taylorproblems with education just drilling info to them exposed dangers of social conformity anticipating the tyranny of the majorityTaylor given credit for Mills works Both were writing about emanicipation of women liberty for all Married in 1851 died shortly Honeymoonwrote the Enfranchisment of Women Her daughter Helen worked with him afterwardsBig deal back thenSpoke about property law reforms violence against women Really Harriets critical anaylsisThat her name never appeared as coauthor tell us something of the day her husband forbade publishment Mill later dedica
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