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John Stewart Mills con't & Marx and Hegel

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

1312012 90300 AM January 30 2012John Stewart Mills y Fought for equal rights for womenbelieved inequality between sexes was immoraly While Gegel was thinking about intellectual freedom Marx was thinking about political and economic freedom y Parisian DaysMarx met Engels o Encountered textiles artisiansradicals of social movements y The Poverty of Philosophy Marx 1847 y The Condition of the Working Class in England Marx and Engels 1844 y The Holy Family y The German Ideology 1846 fully published in 1932 y Economic Manifesto 1848 y Capital Volume 1 1867 y Capital volume 2 1885 y Capital volume 3 1894 y Marx expelled from Paris in 1845 antiroyalist o Because of socialist writingwent to Brussels o Established contacts with German refugees o Part of international revolutionary movement y League of the Just y German Workers Educational AssociationLondon o Communist Manifesto 1848expounded aims and beliefs o The history of allhistory of class struggle o The spector is haunting Europe the spector of Communism y Embarked for London in 1849 y Das Kapital wrote in British museum o Blue books of factory inspectors o Very poor at time of writing3 children died of malnutrition lack of proper care y Foreign editor of New York Daily Tribune y The First International 18641872a powerful movement o Working mans association
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