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SOAN*2112 Classical Theory Lecture Note

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Mon Jan 3012Marx and Engels Mill writes that denying womens social equality is morally wrong Marriage works best when men and women have an equal say in how marriage works Wollestonecraft agreed Marxpicks up on Hegels view of history Hegel was thinking about intellectual freedom marx was thinking about political and economic freedomMarxduring young love Marx filled 5 books with extracts from political and social history left for Paris In his Parisian days he becomes very politica nad meets Engels through he understand the conditions and misery of working class life Engel worked with textile manufacturers Encountered radicals artisans Early workspoverty of philosophy the condition of the working class the holy family the german ideology economic manuscripts communist manifesto capital volume 13 Expelled from Paris by the government due to the socialist paper he was writing with Sought remaining members of a dsiolved group called the League of the Just became a member of this revolutionary movement Writing lecturing conspiringGerman Workers Educational Association associated with the Communist Leageut aht commissioned him to write a document that expanded their beliefs and aims Reowkred Engels first draft wrote Communist Manifesto and dispatched it to London famous first line of the Commnist Manifestonow worked with the working class movement against hte reactionary gov
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