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SOAN*2112 Classical Theory Lecture Note

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Mon Feb612 New technology inventions supplies of raw materialantithesis opposite of what existed before Historical development cant sto pat this stage what happens is the order or society being entrenched ahs to be overcome by a social revolution which creates a new order of production synthesisHistory is a process of oconnitnous creation satisfaction and creation of new needs Society based on tracing the progression of the division of labour from society to societyEach society has an oppressor and an oppressed Conflict is always there because oppression is always there The handmill gives you a society with a feudal lord the steam mill a society with industrial capitalism labour is organized fiferent according ot the instruments they dispose over Still owners and workers of the means of production As the instruments of the production vary so does the division of labour We are now a society so autonomous with technology we dont need human contact NY Times article Technology is making us anxious laptop has your whole life full of the world changing the dynamic of our famiy Like an addict when you get a notification Are we really getting things does faster So distracting Psychologists noticed a dollar value of the costs of technology on our lives So on demand at all times Costs of not paying attention 21hourMarx Typology Tribalism hunting fishing agriculture divison of labourextenstion of familypatriarchycommunalism begin private property begin deviisio
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