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Chapter 8

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

January 2 2012Chapter 8 Saint Simon 17601825Saint Simon and August Comte official founders of sociologyboth used ideas from Maistre and BonaldoSaint Simonsometimes regarded as founder of socialismoDubbed as utopian socialistComtewanted to conserve the status quomiddle class societyoPositive philosophywanted to preserve the is each stage in evolutionary development of society saw as necessary and improvement of social conditions could only come slowlyMarx believed Simon could not or did not see conflict of interests between the major classes of industrial system and therefore not only treated them as one class with common interestsCome and Thierry were his studentsSS education was unsystematicself education or private tutorsHe developed major ideas before 1814 that Thierry and Comte claimed as their ownWrote The philosophy of the eighteenth century has been critical and revolutionary that of the nineteenth century will be inventive and constructiveStudy of human conduct social physiologyheld onto conception of science as a body of verified and established beliefs that could take the place of religion as the binding force of society
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