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Classical Theory Lecture Note

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

thMon March 5 2012 Disagreed with both extremesdeveloped his own distinctive way of dealing with historical sociology history is composed of unique empirical events and sociologists can develop al sorts of generalizations but these generalizations cant be confused with empirical realityhistory was composed an array of specific phenomenon micro General laws cant explain all these movementsVershten The subjective meaning is that we understand people Understanding of motivewe can reproduce in ourselves a reasoning of an actorasympathetic participation Only people can have conscious motives Rejected collective personalityconsciousness disagreed highly wit h Durkheimdenied aplace ofr the understanding of individual actions We exercise choice we deliberate calculate can make decisionsDurkheim de3nied this subjectivity4 different types of ideal types of social actionrational acton in relation toagoal actor can see the goal and combines a means to this goal with a view to attaining it rational action in relation to value end is guided by your value and choice of mean affective emotional state of the subjectValue freedomMarx atlks about bringing in values to change world but Weber says science is guided by values integreity truth humans are valuing beings Values as central to peoples lives value freedom Experts int he social scientists have to separate their personal evaluations from their scientific pronouncements What you choose to study is a value coice but once that
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