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SOAN*2112 Classical Theory Lecture Note

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

thWed March 7 2012thrd Papers originally due March 19 now due March 23 TA drop in March 16th Power Dominance and Authority o After WWI very interested in helping power in Germanyneeded leaders of quality o Legitiamtcy is the characteristic that amde the authority such an important social function As sociologists we understand the leadership role o Authority vs leadershipo Authoritya socially constructed position a person enters into when they assume power over a population When rules attempt to exert control beyond the realm of their authority they are met with disapproval o Leadershipa personal quality as opposed to an inherited quality Something you earn rather than something you are given o Leadership doesnt go hand in hand with authority o 3 forms Traditional authoritypure form domination of the father over the household women dependent children helpless The rulers domination of a large area enables him to carry out his own trade and control and profit from that of others Authority which is granted by the traditions relgioin and beliefs of society RationalLegal Authoritymore inherently stable form of authority inherent with bureaucracy Legal and administrative order Can use foce if legallyprescribed or permitted Authority created to address the needs of the in
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