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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
David Walters

September 6, 2012 Research methods - qualitative o interviews and research - quantitative o applied statistics Topics - overview of the methodologies (theory and research) - ethics in research - NVIVO – it’s a software - Introduction to statistics (measures of central tendency and distributions) o Measures of dispersion (inferential stats) o Hypothesis testing - All of the above is on the midterm - Field research and other forms of qualitative inquiry - Writing a research report - Experimental versus survey research - Qualitative and quantitative sampling - Schedule is tentative ** Class Evaluation Midterm test 1 – 25% October 11 , 2012 (multiple choice, all exams are m/c) -textbooks and lecture th Midterm test 2 – 25% November 8 , 2012 (multiple choice) (from the end of the first mid to the second) Assignment – 20% (last day of the class) Final Exam - 40% - December 12 – 230-430 – all m/c – it’s cumulative – mostly the second part of the term How difficult will this course be? - some math (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) - tests will be multiple choice – formulas will be provided - statistical notation - final assignment (computer) (statistical software program will be used) Computer Software - NVIVO - SPSS o Computing services $50 Mac-PC - Dropdown windows interface Class Supplements Brad Seward ([email protected]) Leanna Ireland ([email protected]) Stephanie Mutch ([email protected]
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