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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Lecture Mon Mar. 25 2013 VIDEO: ―THE ODYSSEY DOWN UNDER – EPISODE 3: INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES‖ - 17-person, multicultural, mixed-sex team researching indigenous Australia - Professor Melanie Wallendorf – University of Arizona - When we talk with people, we learn about how they think about their behaviour - Don’t go in with a list of questions—go in with a list of topics to cover, and some idea of where you’re both headed, and what you want out of it - Be willing to take side trips—not always the direct route; sometimes the interviewee will lead you down a side trip that appears to be irrelevant but later turns out to be very important information - Therefore, the interviewer is always in charge of the interview - Sometimes we have a direct route—from Point A to Point B; sometimes, the interviewee will tell you a shorter route, which means that sometimes it’s important to take that ―side journey‖ to get where you want to go - You need to set a stage that enables people to open up to you—it’s our responsibility to move away from distractions (i.e. children, spouse, etc.) o Mechanics of interviews: the interviewer MUST produce a detailed recording of what happened—a set of field notes written immediately as verbatim interaction I.e. NOT ―She said her children are important to her.‖ WRITE ―Mary: My children are important to me.‖} write in the voice, not as a summary! - If you’re doing a linguistic analysis of people’s uncertainty, then you would include more details such as hesitations (―umm‖ ―err...‖ etc.) - We must include in our notes absolutely every detail that is said—then use our own or a collective judgement on what is important/relevant, and what can be left out. - Some students like to record the entire interview on tape, then transcribe it; others find that it takes too long to transcribe and thus they simple write notes down Tape recorders may fail; always take mental or physical notes to supplement the technology However, if you’re constantly writing, the interviewee may be distracted A sort of interview ―focus‖ can become developed over time—you can test this by tape recording an interview and taking notes on it from recollection (NOT transcribing it). Then, check to see how accurate your recollection was by playing the recording back. Are you 80% accurate? 20% accurate? Is it good enough for you? Is it good enough for research? - Sampling: she wants to sample within the person—have we covered positive as well as negative emotion? Have we covered the present as well as the past? Sample from ideal to real, positive to negative emotion, present to past, general to specific. - Understand a person for who they really are} they, in turn, will open up - Don’t ask ―yes-no‖ questions—these questions won’t produce in-depth answers - Once things get going, there are probes that keep people talking and revealing information Raising eyebrows and smiling Saying ―Mmhmm‖ or nodding - Whatever the interviewer says is connected to what the informant previously said VIDEO: ―ODYSSEY DOWN UNDER – EPISODE 9: FOCUS GROUPS‖ - Edith Cowen University research group travelled to Australia to conduct qualitative research to examine the impact of Western consumerist culture on indigenous groups - 17 person, multicultural, mixed-sex group - Anonymity for focus groups - Professor Ron Hill of Villanova University, Pennsylvania - Instead of going out into the field, we invite respondents into a particular facility that allows us to conduct interviews - Common among marketing and consumer practitioners - Typically, we try to recruit between 8-12 individuals for each group, and we have a moderator to oversee the discussion 
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