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Sociology and Anthropology
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November 152011Introductory Methods Density curves how we can describe our numberso The mean and standard deviation computed from actual observations data are denoted by X and s respectively o The mean and standard deviation of the actual distribution represented by the density curve are denoted by mu and sigma respectivelyo A density curve is a mathematical model of a distribution o It is always on or above the horizontal axiso The total area under the curve by definition is equal to 1 or 100o The area under the curve for a range of values is the proportion of all observations for that rangeo Bell shape normal curve has a normal distribution and one peak in the middley The mean median and more are all in the center in a normal curvey The standard deviation goes from the mean to the point in the curve where it starts curving outwards instead of inwardsy Knowing the mean and standard deviation allows us to make various conclusions about normal distributionsNmean sigmay Big standard d
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