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First Lecture and Ch. 1

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

SOAN 2120Human Inquiry and Sciencebasis of knowledge is agreement learn things through tradtion and through experts most of the time ppl will disregard their experience for the agreement liking a food then finding out it is worms scientific assessment has to have logical and empirical evidence to support it make sense and not contradict observation Direct Knowledgethrough personal experience and observation our own sense dont necessarily project objective reality ie Awareness test cant see everything that is going on bc we are not focusing on everything Indirect Knowledgethrough tradition and authority an agreed upon consensus process of learning what others believe limits inquiry leads to closed mindedness prejudice Traditionculture religion old wives tales ie We know something is poison bc the label tells us it is by having information given to us we dont have to start from scratch can sometime look silly for trying to understand something that has already been explained through tradition Authority acceptance of new knowledge depends on status of person giving information ppl of authority can make mistakesErrors in I
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