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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

January 13 2012 What is Sciencescience is logicalempirical methods such as drawing deductions from hypotheses systematic observation experimentation rigorous methodology replication impersonalobjective epistemology the science of knowing pseudoscience is set of ideas based on theories put forth as scientific when they are not based on authority or sacred text myths legends cant be tested illogical reasoning often supported by selective use of intuition and anecdotesFoundations of Social Science the 2 pillars of science are LOGICOBSERVATION systematic defined how you will make observations 3 major aspects of social science are theory data collectiondata analysis The Scientific Method requires 3 attributes curiosity motivating force behind scientific inquiry skepticism not taking things for granted every time someone tells you a fact question it what makes ppl believe this see the evidence critical thinking productive and creative asking questions about what is going on Positivismphilosophy Auguste Comte rejects speculation emphasizes positive fa
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