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Monday January 9 Lecture Notes

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Monday January 9 2012 thNo class on February 17 the day after the midterm Midterm up to Chapters 67Lead and Intelligence StoryNeedleman case y 1975 collected teeth from 3329 first and second grade kids y 270 of the most likely subjects y 58 high lead children reported on y 100 low lead children reported onScar and Enheart hired by the corporation in trouble for spoiling and polluting land with lead asked why it was narrowed from 3329 to 270he said he wanted to pick students with the same background living in similar environments etc control for other variablesIssue of only looking at one type should have compared intelligence between low and high exposure in other backgrounds tooIssue that 58 kids plus 100 kids is not equal to the group of 270 most likely subjectsNeedleman would not explain whyThey accused him of cherry picking his data he picked the best of the data to do some statistical manipulation to get significant resultsNeedleman was brought up on charges of academic misconduct because of this kind of reporting he has since explained why he went from 270 to 158 and they are pretty good reasons Heated arguments lots of bitterness Scar and Enheart were portrayed as corporate and heartles
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