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Wednesday January 11 Lecture Notes

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Wednesday January 11 2012 Richard Feynman quotation about needing to include everything that disagrees with your research as well as what agrees with itHow do we know what we know Direct Knowledge Personal experience and observations gained through our sense y Experienceriding a bike y Observationdo not necessarily reflect an objective reality someone with hearing problems can see a fly but cannot hear it buzzing o Awareness testbasketball players passing a ball but if youre trying to count how many passes the white team makes you miss the moonwalking bear Indirect Knowledgeagreed upon by society process of learning what others believe y Traditionpassed on through socialization culture social institutions common knowledge oYou cant always learn things directly like if something is poisonous we are told its poisonous we dont want to learn that ourselves because you can get sick and die o You can limit inquiry because someone has told you something you might not investigate further Can lead to prejudice and closemindednesso If we dont question traditional knowledge we may hold mistaken information y Authoritysomeone else tells yo
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