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Monday January 16 Lecture Notes

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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

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Monday January 16 2012 Three Main Activities in Social Research 1 Tentative Explanation Theory 2 Observing ExperimentData Collection 3 Testing Rival Views Against Data Examination of DataLast classtalked about John SnowCholeraput forth the idea that it was transmitted via food and water instead of the previously held notion that it is transmitted via bad air y He and his nurses were treating the infected and he never caught it nor did his nurses so it cannot be transferred via air because he would have caught it y Starts in the GI tract diarrhea is the first symptom must be ingested y Snow narrowed the location down to 1 pump where the infected water was coming from y Work house 5 deaths out of hundreds of people the work house had its own well the people that died worked outside the house and had the opportunity to go to another pump y Brewery hundreds of people working there no deaths they had an allotment of bear everyday they didnt drink the water they drank beer the process of making beer would kill off the cholera if they used contaminated water y 2 women 5 miles away died they hadnt lived in soho or visited soho where the outbreak was o 1 women everyday sent a cart downtown to the broad street pump to collect water f
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