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soan 2120

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Brown

3 main activities in Social Research 1 Tentative explanation Theory 2Observing experimentdata collection 3Testing Rival views Against Data Examination of DataCholera London 18481854 John Snowy1848 published a pamphlet on the Mode of Communication of Cholera suggested it was transmitted via food or water Oppositionit was thought to be caused by contaminated vapors bad air was sure that ingestion is the cause of the spread of Cholera because the doctors werenot getting infected water possibly ObservationyNarrowed it down to a water pump where the most infections occurred and that the largemajority used the said to be infected pump yA work house of 500 only had 5 deaths this is because the infected ppl worked outsideand drank from the pump not the well inside the workhouseobservation yBrewery didnt have deaths because people drank only beer not waterwater in theprocess of making beer killed any bacteriaobservation y2 women died from cholera over 5 miles away from the outbreak there
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