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SOAN*2120 Jan 9

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Monday Jan 9 2012SOAN2120 Lecture 1no class feb 17thbest 23 for quizzes if you attempt all 3Needlemans study 1979 does early exposure to lead impair childrens intelligence yes low lead in their environment had a higher intelligencelaws were put in placed based on this workwhat do corporations do when someone comes and says you have to pay for cleanupnd ways to say bullshit lead does not cause these problemsthey hire researchers Scar and Edhart to look at the Needlemans studyLead and IntelligenceThe Needleman Case1975Collected teeth from 3 329 rstand secondgrade children270 of the most likely subjects58 high lead children 100 low lead childrenWhat do you think Scar and Edhart didasked why he chose the 270 he narrowed down to similar socioeconomic backgroundsnoticed he only reported on 158 children when he chose 270 and didnt tell us whyaccused Needleman of cherrypicking his data picking the best of the data to show to get signicant resultsNeedleman was charged with academ
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