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SOAN*2120 Jan 11

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Wednesday Jan 11 2012SOAN2120 Lecture 2How do we Know what we KnowDirect Knowledge experienceobservationcomes from our direct experiences and observationsIndirect KnowledgeTraditionAuthorityprofessor tells you what to believeConsensus does not imply reality2 sources are tradition information passed on through socialization and authorityprosthere are many things you cannot experience directly poisonconsit may limit inquiry because someones told you something you might not look into it furthercan lead to prejudice and closemindednessAuthoritynew knowledge depends on the status of the discovererwe have to be careful when someone uses their authority in the wrong waysprostrusting experts in the eld can help human inquiryconsjust because somebody has knowledge in one area doesnt mean they have the same amount of knowledge in another areaCommon Errors of Human Inquiry and Possible Safeguards gorilla video on awarenessInaccurate Observationsolutions conscious effort to make accurate observations using good an
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