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Feb.6th Lecture

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

February 6 2012Shoe Type initially shoe type categorization was to be based on the 7 basic shoe styles ie boot clog sandal oxford slipper mulemoccasin However pilot studies revealed that a number of shoes could not be appropriately placed into one of these 7 categories Therefore a number of additional shoe styles were added to the list high heel court shoe athletic shoe walking shoe backless slipper thongsurgicalbespoke footwear Shoe type therefore involved the selection of one option from a list of 16 styles Indexes ScalesTypologies indexes and scales are ordinal measuresIndexesScales most common in survey research and other quantitative methods often used in quantitative research bc difficult to devise a single measure of complex conceptsespecially true wregards to attitudesorientations researchers devise several times each providing some indication of the variable ie survey about ranking of all the universities in Canada this is ordinal bc there was no meaning other than we have them in a certain order a single indicator provides a valid and reliable measure of some variable ie marital status number of children in a family other variables are more difficult and complex to measure some may require 1 indicator of a variable ie depression some may involve a number of dim
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