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Lecture 15

Lecture 15

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Step 4 Index ValidationSeveral methods of index validation yo Item AnalysisInternal validation y Examine the extent to which the index is related to or predicts responses tothe yindividual items that comprise it o External ValidationRanking of groups of respondents on the index should predict the ranking of those ygroups in answering other questions dealing with the variable of interestShould be able to use the index for its intended purposeyBad Index vs Bad ValidatorsIf an internal item analysis shows inconsistent relationships between items included in an index yand the index itselfsomething is wrong with the indexIf the index fails to predict strongly the external validation itemsconclusion is ambiguous yo Choose between 2 possibilitiesIndex does not adequately measure the variable in question y Validation items do not adequately measure the variable and thereby do not provide ya sufficient test of the index Scale ConstructionNot all indicators of a variable are equally important or equally strongy o Each item is going into a composite measure may
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