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Lecture Feb. 13

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

February 13 2012Guttman Scaling scale typesresponses to patterns that form a scalar structure mixed typesresponses patterns violate the scalar structure of the items presence indicates that the items do not form a perfect Guttman scale coefficient of reproducibilitytheof original responses that could be reproduced by knowing the scale scores used to summarize them 1 number of errorsnumber of guesses number of guesses is the number ofcases all added up errors come from when checking things off In an index because we checked off only the second box out of three we have a total of one But because in a scale you rank them based on where they are placed a scale would say that we scored a two even though we didnt check off the first box should have scored a 2 in a scale but actually scored a 1 Typologiessummarize the intersection of 2 or more variables creating a set of categories or types ie nominal variable whenever the typology is used as the independent variableno problem whenever the typology is used as the dependant variableproblematic dont respond the same way as ordinal measure how indexes inter
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