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Sociology and Anthropology
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The Logic of Sampling generalizing from a sample to a large population is probability sampling involves random selection probability sampling is selecting a random sample from a list that has the names of everyone in the population under the study being examined Nonprobability sampling ie homelessness there is no list of who is and who isnt homeless example of it is snowball judgemental quota sampling reliance on available subjectsie stopping ppl at street corners doesnt allow control over representativeness of a sample can be useful for questionnaires but not for describing studiesPurposive or Judgemental samplingchoosing sample based on your own knowledge of the population and purpose of study ie you might want to study the leadership of a student protest movementSnowball samplingaccidental sampling members of a special population ie homeless ppl prostitutes undocumented immigrants researchers collect data on a few members of that group and then ask them to provide information needed to locate others Quota Samplingaddresses issue of representativeness begins wa matrixtable that describes characteristics of target population has many problems quota frame must be accurate difficult to getselection of sample elements win a given cell may be biased Selecting Informantsppl who provide inf
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