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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

February 29 2012 Volunteerism nonprobability form biased 2 forms 1 issue a call for volunteers ie medical researchadvertise for potential subjects ie those wchronic heart conditions in order to test methods of treatment2 begin identifying a radon sample ie draw a random sample of college graduate students at NIU and contact them to take part in a study of attitudes toward technology in higher education many may refuse to participate volunteers participants vs nonvolunteers nonparticipantsCluster Samplingdraw groups or clusters of participants instead of individuals ie survey a sample of members of Ballys Fitness Centers throughout the USA obtain a membership list waddresses draw a simple or stratified random sample of individuals and mail questionnaires to them subject to low response rate drawback is you are breaking down the population further and further problem wthis is there is a difference in the groupings in different environments ie there might be a difference of ppl who go to a gym in a cold climate than a hot climate bc those in a hot climate can do certain exercises outside running whereas in a colder climate ppl do that indoors Purposive Sampling purposively select those whom we believe will give us the nest
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