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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

March 19 2012Survey Methods selfadministered send out a letter to ppl get them to fill it out and send it back include letter of encouragement to nonrespondentscan also be ones you have ppl sitwresearcher present ie handing out surveys in a mall want at least a 50 response rate at this point you introduce bias bc half of your sample hasnt participated PROS not too costly no traininghiring of interviewers ppl might feel more comfortable giving truthful responses no interviewer influence more time to get well thought out answers CONSlow response rate only those interested will respond cannot answer any questions respondents might have participants might get confused phone survey very common interviewers call homes from a list of directories and ask a sample of questions PROsa little more costly but has higher response rate respondents are more likely to give truthful answers over the phone than in person greater collection of information can have supervisor on site so ppl can ask questions CONSlimited to population wphones limited to those in the phone book respondents might b
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