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Sociology and Anthropology
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SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

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THSOAN 2120 MARCH 28 2012Comparing the Mean and the MedianThe mean and the median are the same only if the distribution is symmetricalThe median is a measure of center that is resistant to skew and outliers The mean is notMode is the peak Ideally the 3 are the sameLeft skew mean is pulled to the left right skew mean is pulled to the rightIf the modemedianmeanleft skew negative skewIf the modemedianmeanright skew positive skew Unobtrusive Research TypesAnalysis of existing statisticsContent analysisHistoricalcomparative analysis Unobtrusive MethodsAre nonreactive bc the researcher studies a social behaviours without affecting itQualitative or quantitative2 categories Physical Tracethe evidence within the environment of some behaviourscome has been added or removed Archivaltype of physical trace measure such as hard copy records or documents Physical Trace MeasuresErosionrefers to some sort of wearing away or removal of products or activity pamphlets
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