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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2120
Scott Schau

Variancea measure of dispersion of a set of data around the mean variance equals the average of the sum of all the squared deviations of the sample Standard deviationdeviation of the distance from any single measure of a set to the mean of that setCalculating Deviation compare the deviation from the mean for every measurement in the sample square each deviation sum the squares of the deviations SS average the squared deviations by dividing the sum by the number of measurements in the population N take the square root of the resulting valuethe standard deviation is the square root of the varianceVariance and Standard Deviation Example Metabolic rates of 7 men cal24 hrs 1792 1666 1362 1614 1460 1867 1439 add them all up and divide by 7 1600 take each observation 1792 1666 1362 etc17921600192 1666160066 13621600238 1614160014 14601600140 18671600267 14391600161square each of these and add them214 870variance214 8707 30 69571 standard deviation 30 6957117520 caloriesComparing M
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