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Lecture Notes October 10

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2290
Cecil Foster

Tonight social justice multiculturalism charter of rights and freedomsRecappingidentitypersonalitybased on valuesculture identityliberal democracy identityrightsidentities can simply be performances and if you really want to know ones identity look at what the person has done actions speak louder than words we live in a society that seems to be going after two contradictory things at a time Liberalism individuality Democracy a mechanism 50 are ruled by the majority the individual is lost in democracy unless it happens to be part of the majority Democracy is ruled by the people citizens decisions are made by those who have been socialized and are members of the culture your identity is based on your rights DiversityMulticulturalismmulticulturalism in a liberal democracy there are many and there are one You have to imagine that all the differences can be made in to one Out of many onewhere everyone is a minority or where there is no majority of dominant group Canadian multiculturalism no subculturessocialization is even about what you think you knowStratification who enjoys the good life Who enjoys the bad lifeDo you have a group status Are you placed and positioned in society based on grouping or individualityIssues of social mobility How does a common identityculture affects ideals of equality freedom fraternityAuthenticity is another way of saying uniqueness
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