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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 3070

WEEK 1 Lec 1 Tues Jan 8 2013. Qualitative Methodology - Understanding experiences, not stat data o Thoughts, words, experiences, perceptions, not numbers o Looking for themes in words/experiences of research participants  ~this is how we develop theory Qual/Quant Diffs - Quant: focus on breadth (large #s, little depth) - Qual: focus on depth (smaller #s of ppl, but detailed info that has depth) Thick Description - Anthro Clifford Geertz - A thick, complicated description of things, events, not a quick, surface, thin description o Diff b/w a blink and a wink  ~wink has complicated meaning, blink involuntary Working with People - Developing relships o b/w researcher and participants o may be short or long term  the nature of the research/research question  the nature of the individuals involved Anthro - Traditional mode: building long term relships o continuing research and maintaining relships o nature of the relships might change over time - Regardless of length of research: the ability to build a rel
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