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Sociology and Anthropology
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WEEK Lec . Today - Changes in approached to research and power over time o Participatory research and participatory research design Participation - More actively including participants in the process of designing projects and data collection/use o Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) o Participatory Action Research (PAR) - Definitions o Pauline Peters  ability of ppl to share, influence, control design, decision making, and authority in devt projects and programs which affect their lives and resources  Issues of power – re who designs, controls, shares  Share power w others invested in the research process - The point o We organize research to reflect interests/priorities/concerns of research popn  Can help ppl share knowledge w e/o, not just w the researcher o A lot of participatory theory emerged from devt research  Need to ask ppl what devt means to them  local knowledge/priorities  Work WITH  The priorities, knowledge, voices “from below” - Definitions o Chambers  Participatory Rural Appraisal: a family of research approaches/methods that enable rural inhabitants to enhance, share, analyze their knowledge; to make plans and act on those plans - Key principles o Reversal of learning  learning from ppl o Learning progressively o Seeking diversity – looking for exceptions, oddities, dissenters o Sharing o Critical awareness of our own behaviour/biases, working to minimize them Participatory Action Research - Plan, action, observe, reflect - Make a research plan; undertake that plan and institute practical action; observe the results; reflect  plan again (to make improvements) - A
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